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My Buddy Bling

My Buddy Bling: Horse Costumes and Accessories

My Buddy Bling

My Buddy Bling: Horse Costumes and Accessories

For Horses Who Dare to Be Different!

Photo of mini wearing tutu costume

For the Discriminating Horse in your Life

I make horse costumes, equine accessories, and gifts for horses and horse lovers.  You will also find my hand-quilted horse and dog training aprons. Looking for a gift for a horse or dog lover? You are in the right costume store.   

Photo of horse wearing faux fur tail decoration

Animal Rights

I am pro-animal rights, am a vegetarian, and do not use materials that caused an animal to die - no real fur or real leather sold here.  Most of the feathers and hair come from a bird rescue or our own pets.  

Horse in foam armor and Destrier Costume

Keeping Prices Down and Going Green

I try to keep my prices down so the backyard horse owner can afford my items. I ship in recycled bags and boxes,  and don't use fancy labels and packaging.  When I do buy boxes, they are made from recycled materials.

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Have a Idea?

Do you want to collaborate on a costume idea? Let's talk and see what's possible. 

Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon!  Or just come browse the store.

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Micanopy, Florida, United States